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2.5 y o son will not stay dressed. help, please

a year ago, my son began this undressing kick, stripping out of whatever i'd put on him, including his diaper.honestly, if it weren't for the fact that he's not yet potty trianed, it wouldn't bother me. but on so many occasions, i've turned my back for only a few moments, and he's naked and peeing on the floor.
i have tried putting overalls on him. i have put his zip-up sleepers on him backwards. i ever, after some prompting by friends, have duct talped his diaper around the waitsband. none of this works. he is like houdini. he doesnt even unzip those backwards sleepers, but somehow just shimmies out of them, in record time.
now i might think that he's doing it to keep from being in a dirty diaper--nope! he does it with brand new diapers. i do try to encourage him to use the potty, and take him once or twice a day, but as of yet he's not very interested in it. does anyone know how i can keep my son dressed? especially at night...i am so tired of bathing, changing and washing his bed every night, in the middle of the night.
also, he is still in a crib, for various reasons. he undresses like this in the daytime too, when he has pretty much free run of the downstairs. help me please!

Re: 2.5 y o son will not stay dressed. help, please


Have you tried telling him NO!?

Does he react to discipline? What do you do when he is naughty?

I would suggest that you look at the the bigger picture and the fact that he is disobaying you and deliberately doing something that you are telling him not to. If he was sticking his fingers in an electrical socket, running out the house into the road - what would you do??

Yes - I know it is not as serious and I know that he will not come to any harm BUT he is disobeying you and you should stop this from being an option for him. What will you do when he is older if he pleases himself now. It has probably become a bit of a game to him, he wont remember why he does it only that he gets a reaction from you. Discipline him in general and he will respect that what you say goes - and NO he is not to young for time outs.

Hope you can turn this around.