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almost 4 yr old not potty trained...!?

I don't know what to do about my daughter who'll be 4 in Feb. She'll occasionally potty on the toilet, but that's it. She still goes in her diapers. And ABSOLUTELY refuses to try to poop on the toilet (even when I know that's what she's doing behind the chair). I don't think I'm pushing too hard. I think I didn't push at all for a while and now I'm pushing a little. Should I just forget all about it and let her come up with the idea? Help.

Re: almost 4 yr old not potty trained...!?

Theres a fantastic book called Potty Training in 1 week, I think its by Gina Ford, not sure I'll have to check. It really worked for me full of loads of tips. My son was dry in 2 weeks.

Good luck!

Re: Re: almost 4 yr old not potty trained...!?

My son 3 year old son would only wee when he was sitting on the loo. It was because he was frightened of falling down into the loo. I reasured him by holding onto him and at the same time I got him to put both his hands onto the seat behind himself so that he could hold himself upright.