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violent child

My daughter has progresively become unrully and insolenct. Over 4 years she has been permanently exluded from six schools and does not attend school anymore and she is just 14 years old. she looks permanently tired and she believes that if she hit out enough, she will get all she wanted.She woke up on christmas day and said she is not going to help with the preperations but she is going to wreck it and as soon as we sat down to eat, she overturned the table. I threw her out but she only waited until we went out and she kicked the door in. I called the police who took her away but released her and she promptly came back home. I am a single mother of 2 girls please someone HELP.

Re: violent child

If I was you I would try to get her into some type counseling immediately. Call every number there is about getting her some help. I know that my mother had a difficult time when I was that age till about 18. I know there are places out there that you can admit her, into a mental institution or something like Kidspeace. or take her to the emergency room an tell them she is making threats against you or whom ever. I hope I was some help.