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Re: Child smoking

I was pressured by a girlfriend of mine, I believe I was about 12. I tried it and hated it and never smoked again and i'm 30 now! But she ended up liking it.

I'm just curious to where he gets the money, I know from experience that some of my friends in those days would take money off of their parents. Take it out of their moms purses and everything.

Find out how he can afford to smoke 1/2 pack a day? Does he work a part-time job after school?

I have tried lecturing friends who smoke and it never seems to work! I'd bring him to a doctor to have him explain to him all of the organs it affects and the damage it does. Sometimes 14 year olds just don't want to listen to their parents.

I'd be keeping a close eye on the wallet and purses in the house! ( not saying he's a theif but habits can cause you do desperate things).

If he has no money then he can't buy smokes!

Re: Child smoking

My brother tried the same thing at around the same age, when my dad found out he sat down with him and made him chain smoke until he was sick. It worked for him, he's 48 and never smoked another cigarette in his life. Just a thought!

If he was mine however I would ask him to make a list of good things about cigarettes and a list of bad things, you can guarantee the bad will outweigh the good by a mile. It might be enough to convince him.