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Re: 6 Kids(His mine and ours)


Children will not starve themselves - just let them get up from the table, offer NO other food till next mealtime and they will only last a little while. Include them in shopping and cooking letting them choose within reason what they buy and cook. If they have no alternative food during the day they will be hungry. The only other thing I would suggest if the toys are the currency! - they have to sit at the table till everyone who wants to eat is finished then they can leave. They may think that if they have to sit there anyway then they may as well eat.

Good luck

Re: Re: 6 Kids(His mine and ours)

If the kids have enough energy to get up and go play, then they are eating enough. Kids' appetites change- they may not be eating now, but a month from now you can feel like they are eating you out of your house! The trick, like someone else said, is to give them absolutely nothing for snacks. Also, a good multivitamin can do wonders for an appetite.