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my 3yr old poos in her bedroom!"!!

my 3 yr old had a period of pooing in her bedroom at age 2 and 1/4 and suddenly having thought that was long gone she is at it again...Have tried being disgusted and angry with her, to no avail,it doesnt deter her.She has been toilet trained now for a year and dry at night for 6 months,does not have any accidents of any kind anymore and seems totally aware of what shes doing in her room,she always does it in the same corner.Shall i try saying "oh dear never mind" and ignoring or what???

Re: my 3yr old poos in her bedroom!"!!

is that where her old potty chair was? either way try putting one there see if that helps.

Re: Re: my 3yr old poos in her bedroom!"!!

no, shes never had a potty in her bedroom,only the bathrm or lounge but we are going back a year to that time,she used the toilet almost immediatley.I have just heard on the grapevine it may be called anal retribution!!! a way of getting back at being told its bedtime etc, as thats the only time she does it.I have looked at approx 10 parenting websites using that search word and found nothing..maybe it was a joke???

Re: Re: Re: my 3yr old poos in her bedroom!"!!

Hi Clare
What I now on the subject (and believe me I have got child poo broblems of my own)it is best to ignore it. I am no expert, I have only read a couple of books and done a bit of surfing on the internet. If she is getting attention for it then she will carry on doing it. But there is a reason that she is seaking the attention. Not much help really, but good luck.