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difficult 6 yr daughter

my daughter has a very bad attitude towards me she is only 6 yrs old and a only child. she craves attention and is very demanding. she has absolutely no respect for me, more for daddy. i do work but still spend lots of time with her. she is quite shy although much better since school, she is a real worrier and frets over everything. her attitude towards me upsets me and frustrates me. i have tried everything but she still talks to me like dirt from the minute she wakes until bed practically, only nice when she wants something or things going her way, very polite to everyone and dispite everything is very kind and thoughtful to others.for example if i was to hurt myself she would laugh or look at me with contemp, i ask her why she does it she always replies she doesnt know, my husband says its too much love on both parts and too close sometimes, she has bad tantrums still at 6 yrs, no bedtime problems. would be grateful for some advice.

Re: difficult 6 yr daughter

I am 22 and I have a 5 year old the diferent age ranges she was raised pretty much as an only child as well and she sounds just lik eyour little one..I have a suggestion. I don't know how much it will help but i relaly do think it's worth a try at least. Take 1 day and just make it you and her ALL day! NO daddy no friends nobody else just you and her doing what you guys enjoy doing together. If you see that she is NOT acting up with you then you know it's that she wants time with YOU however if she is still acting herself (and even notice either way how she acts the following day) then you need to look at more dicipline if she's still acting that way. I hope it helps but from the sisters percpective I see some things different from my mom and if your daughter is like my sister i'd try it. hope it helps and good luck!!!