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Re: Re: Re: problems with 4 year old

Hi Gemma,
Just wondering how you got on on Monday and Tuesday. I forgot to ask, how is your son's behaviour the rest of the time? I only ask because it will highlight where the problem lies for him, and how it should be dealt with. Just a word of caution, children often behave very differently in school when their parents are present, some are more clingy, some are more tearful, some are more disruptive and a handful of children don't seem to notice if the parent is there or not! Looking forward to hearing from you.

Re: Re: Re: Re: problems with 4 year old

Where I live "day mother" care in quite popular, especially for little ones. A granny type figure or a neighbour collects the kid just for lunch then takes him back to school afterwards. At that age they need a break in the middle of the day from the hustle & bustle so this system seems too be better for some kids than directly being plunged into a whole huge long day of being with others.