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Re: Out of control 4 year old...

sounds like your having a real hard time! poor you! try not to let it get you down im sure its just a stage hes going through, could it be that he needs to be around other kids his own age maybe try going to a play school? as for the telling you he hates you im sure hes only doing it for attention try using time out 1min for every year of his life sat on a step then tell him what he did wrong and get him to say sorry good luck

Re: Re: Out of control 4 year old...

I have 2 boys with 18 months difference between them so I know exactly how you feel. I think it important that we try to spend time with each one & they do their own thing separately, as well as doing things together. For instance, today one is going to a friends house & the other has a friend coming to our place. Sometimes when one is with a friend or at a party, I spend time with the other.

They spend a lot of time together & there are days when they don't stop fighting & driving me up the wall. Today they will spend some time doing their own things with their own friends, before we all go to a christmas party together this evening.

4 years old is a trying time. They start school & pick up all sorts of bad language & habits and are asserting themselves to get attention. Just make sure you don't give in as it is crucial to get the right basis before they get older & bigger.

Try asking why he says hates you. Tell him you love him & that he is upsetting you when he says that. He might be copying other kids around. Ask him if he would like to be told on a daily basis that you hate him & see if he can understand how it feels to be on the recieving end.

Re: Re: Re: Out of control 4 year old...

Thank you so much for your support and advice...