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Re: Re: Re: Behavior off children.

Hi Jackie,
Honestly? Yes. I truth, it's not what happens to us so mich as what we are allowed to get through. So we can have bad experiences and suffer no harm because we 'processed' the natural feeling it provoked in us. But many times when we suffer things like divorce and being molested we carry lotys of unfelt feelings into our adult livses. then our children act them out. So I would say your child is acting out how you feel. If you could find a way of getting into these feleings, and re-visiting these palces and processing and healing up those wounds you would do a greta service for your children. I so wish this facility was avaliable on the state but it isn't yet - are you UK based?
PS as I say subscribe to my reports etc -it will help you

Re: Re: Re: Re: Behavior off children.

I am in South Africa.Thank you for the advice,i'll go to work on what you told me.