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blended family

Together my partner and I have 3 boys. I have one aged 9. He has two aged 9 and 8. They seem to argue alot and when they play together there is alot of tattling about how unfair or mean the other is being. His oldest seems to do a lot of picking on my son. Any suggestions because at this point I am glad my partners kids only come every other weekend. I usually tell them if someone is not hurt or doing something dangerous or the house is on fire I do not want to hear it. Or I tell them that if they cannot work it out on their own are they sure they want me working it out because then I usually just send them to different walls. My partner on the other hand trys to help them settle every little thing and talk about feelings and how to treat others and so on. Argh!

Re: blended family

i think that it will take time for the kids to get along. if they only see each other at weekends its like playing with friends, as they are not living with each other,all kids fight when playing try not to worry about it too much. my son goes to stay with his dad at weekends and his girlfriend has 3 children they went through the same thing but it has settled down now. you could try setting them tasks or games where they have to work together that way it will take their minds off fighting and teach them its more fun to get on with each other than not. try to let them sort out their own fights as long as they are not kicking the crap out of each other. hope it helps debbie

Re: Re: blended family

Hi, I agree with Debbie, I would suggest you plan lots of outings where the kids can run around outside kicking a football, taking them bowling, to the park and visits in to the country, seaside etc. where they are not confined to the four walls. This should encourage them to get to know each other better in a situation where they can let off steam and be as loud and boisterous as they want to. Good luck, they probably just need time to adjust to each other.