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Re: Re: #2 potty training

Yes, I did finally resolve it. We tried everything people recomended to us. The charts, the rewards, nothing worked. Finally my husband came up with a brilliant idea. We sat him on the potty and put a portable dvd player on a stool. He was only allowed to watch his FAVORITE buzz lightyear movie on the potty. He would sit for 20 minutes or so at a time then we let him get up for 15 minutes or so. This went on for a few hours and then he did it. He got to call Buzz Lightyear (my brother in law did a great Buzz voice) and he was so excited. The next day it took about half the time. The next day after that he asked US and it was done. I was so excited. But he still talks about getting to call Buzz (which we let him do every time he pooped for a month or so). Good luck to you... and wish me luck, another year and my younger son will be at that same spot too... take care.