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Re: Re: 17 month old just wants his gran

Hi I really don't think that that reply is fair, it is not always possible for the parent to be home, and often there is no choice. Your child probably gets sole attention from his gran, plenty of playing and one to one contact would make him want to stay with her. Try not to take it personally, and make sure the time spent with your son is quality time, make sure you play together, read stories etc. Don't throw discapline out of the window but have some fun with him.
Hope this helps

Re: 17 month old just wants his gran

I have a similar problem with my 18mth old son. When i work my dad has him and when he has him my little boy has 100% undivided attention from him. EVen when he comes home i have to cook tea, wash up etc etc etc and he doesn`t get the same attention from me.
I have to work, i can`t afford not to, and my little boy has to be looked after.
I would much rather leave him with someone he trusts and loves rather than a roomful of strangers ie a nursery group etc..

I`ve sorted out my day so that apart from cooking, all of my jobs are left until my son is in bed. That way i can give him as much of my time as possible.

Hope this is of some help?