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Re: 11 year olds left in house alone, one hour a week.

i felt that most of my children were mature enough to be left home alone at age 10 - - and i've other teens that i feel need to have closer supervision.

We started leaving the kids home alone during the summer (oldest one 15) - - it was working out well until they got a prank phone call and disobeyed me by answering the phone (not screening the calls thru the answering machine like they were instructed). They paniced, left the house, and went to a neighbors' home. I left work and then realized that they needed this (luckily harmless) 'test' to learn a lesson of how to behave when we're not home.

My suggestion, you need to increase your confidence that they will mind the rules when you're away - - maybe a 'test' would help you there.