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Why do I have to go to school?

Hello people,

I just updated the webiste with a new question. Just click here to view and comment.

The previous question "Where do babies come from?" is still open for comments. Click here to go there.

Yup, only 2 questions so far, but hoping it would be a valuable resource for parents in the future. Oh yeah, if you have any tough questions your kids asked and you like to have posted up for comments, click here.

Have fun y'all.


Re: Why do I have to go to school?

You have to go to school because over the last 100 years and so, the world has been developing this mass socialized/government school system set-up thing. Where in pioneer times, the children went to smaller clustered school houses. And learned the value of work, honesty, practical science, math, reading, history etc, during interactions within the family unit. Now you get to be bussed off to world view high. A perfect way, in the grand scheme of things to help bring globalization to realization. Is Canada using the Euro yet? So, go have fun at school Jr. I'll be home at 7pm to take you to babsball practice. Just order a pizza and watch T.V. till I get home.