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worrying all of the time

My 12 year old son is constantly worrying about things. Mostly about he'll get in trouble if he speaks with this friend and not that one. Or because someone did not say hello, they don't like him. Or that he is thinking negatively about a friend and he will find out somehow. This is a constant problem and very frustrating. It's so hard not to get mad and I have every intention of talking calmly but sometimes the ideas are just so outrageous. When he was 2 years old, we found out he had a fatal nut allergy. We have constantly been struggling with this allergy and yes, comes worry with this situation. We went to seminars, learned about everything to know and taught everyone else about the condition. I understand he did have a lot to worry about at that age. His allergies are getting better day by day but the worrying is a constant problem. He was very mature at that age because he had to learn about his environment that others did not. He was very smart in that way. He is going to a new school next year, and yes, its started already. Any ideas or tips of any other parents out there dealing with the same thing. I don't mean to say awful things like going to the "hospital" but they tend to come out when the conversation doesn't go anywhere. Any help?

Re: worrying all of the time

Fear breeds worry. In the Bible Abrahams biggest weakness was fear. And God used it in a profound and positive way. Rebuke the spirit of fear that is robbing him of joy, and stressing his life. Check out Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs online, and see what need of his, that is not being met sufficiently. You could also understand his unique sensitive temperement by going to Who cares what others think. If he values honesty in himself and others, and understands what this is, then he wont care much about what others think of him. A great book for you and him is by Hal Urban titled, Lifes Greatest Lessons 20 things that matter. It is an efficient, bottom line, useful, easy to read book to help him understand the meaning of, and the actions required for true simple success and happiness. Love, another mom of many boys. Lord help us!