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Help with my nephew

My nephew has had a difficult start in life and is now living with me and my mum as his mum didnt want him, this difficult start is now showing in his behaviour as he is so naughty, cheeky, aggressive and he does not do as he is told. Due to the above he is making no friends in the area and i need any advice on how to calm him down so that he has friends and to prevent him from getting bullied. My nephew is 6 and i just want him to have friends and be a good, happy child. any ideas please me and my mum are in despair as the stress levels are rising.

Re: Help with my nephew

Get the videos by Dr Thomas W. Phelan called 1-2-3 Magic on encouraging good behavior/managing difficult behavior in children. It WORKS!!!
Then look up Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs, study it, and see where his needs may not be being met.

Re: Re: Help with my nephew

Sorry for your troubles. I'm no expert but just wanted to share...

he'll know he's well cared for and loved by experiencing your boundaries. set them lovingly but firm and don't budge, give a reprocussion *every* time he misbehaves -- he'll know what's expected of him and know you care and you should see improvement. good luck!