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my niece is pulling her hair out

my two year old niece has recently started pulling clumps of her hair out. shes a lively very active very intelligent two year old and has shown no signs of being unhappy but just last week she started grabbing her hair and now her eyelashes and pulling on them til the hair snaps its not when shes angry or anything just starts doing it when ever she is sitting still. the gp has said that my sister should ignore it and she will grow out of it but im worried if she doesnt point it out surely this will cause more problems as she wont know its wrong and secondly what has caused it ???
anyone have any ideas? thanx

Re: my niece is pulling her hair out

This disorder must be prayed about diligently. Even if it continues for years! Have faith, and I know the Lord will give you the knowledge and wisdom you need for this. I will pray also.