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7 year old Bedwetting issues

Our seven year old son wets his bed. He has done for a long time and we always tend to clear it up, no fuss. He does have to help us clean up i.e. he takes himself to the shower, washes and puts his wet pyjamas in the washing machine.

Just lately though he has been hiding the fact that he has wet the bed - pulling up the bedding, putting his urine soaked pyjama's in the laundry basket in his bedroom. When he first did this we asked him why - he thought he would get in trouble but we had said to him, "when have mummy and daddy told you off for wetting your bed?". He replied that he hadn't been in trouble. He has done it again and we're not sure of the best way to address this situation - particularly the consequences?

Re: 7 year old Bedwetting issues

my oldest son was also a bedwetter. i never fussed at him or made a big deal out of the situation. i did make sure he was seen by our pediatrician to make sure there were no physical problems. he eventually stopped wetting when he was 10. my second son never wet the bed. different children grow at different rates. be patient and if you are sure there are no physical problems he will eventually outgrow it. p.s. my husband was a bedwetter until he was 12 and my cousin until 13.

Re: 7 year old Bedwetting issues

Why dont you have him wear "Pampers Pull-Ups" or an adult type diaper to bed to avoid cleanup? If you are kind and honest, and up frount with him, he wont feel bad about it. He knows hes going to pee again! And who cares! In the grand scheme of things, it is ok, he will probably grow out of it. I actually wet the bed for a long time. And thanks to my mother for not quickly jumping on the advice of conventional medicine, we found out that it had a lot to do with my SLEEP cycle. You see, I was such a sound sleeper, my brain would simply not "trigger" me to wake up in time, or at all if I had the urge to urinate when asleep. Which makes sence that as I got older with the situation...I would often dream that I was waking, going into the bathroom and relieving myself, often waking up right after I had just "let it go". My parents made me not feel ashamed my explaining it to me rationally, not emotionally. I dont know why they did not let me wear a diaper type product!!! The nature of my sleep and "triggers" developed naturally for the good and I quit peeing the bed on my own time (around age 8 with a few far betweens for another 1 1/2 years) That is pretty long! Oh well.