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Re: Constant pinching from my 2yr old

At 2 your sone is not yet ready to understand how he is making you feel, he loves you, you know he loves you and he shows that he loves you, but at his age he is not yet able to project those feelings as his social skills are still not yet developed and so his is resorting to his tired and tested methord

I understand that this is frustrating for you but right now at his age of 2 just about the only thing you can do is to constantly remind him that it hurts mommy every time he does it

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My 2 year old son is becoming a nightmare with his constant pinching. It started out originally as a comfort thing - when he goes to sleep instead of a dummy or teddy etc he massages my skin with his fingers. I can put up with this when he's trying to sleep but the whole thing has now got out of hand. Every time he comes near me for a cuddle he pinches my flesh and always the most tender bits like the inside of my arms which are now covered in bruises.

Also if he loses his temper or wants my attention he'll resort to a really big pinch. He knows this is wrong - and says sorry , and hurt mummy etc but 5 minutes later does the same thing again.

I've tried all the usual things like the naughty room and pinching back etc but it's driving me mad and making me not want to go near because of the physical pain he's causing. Please help.