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Re: Explaining separation to 3yr old

Both of you need to reasure your daughter that this wont change the way you feel about her and that she will still be the major factor in both your lives and you will both still love her very much

However, you need to explain to her that mommy and daddy are not able to live together any more because they do not agree on certain things and it will be much better if they live apart as there will not be all the yelling and fighting

At 3 after spending her whole life with both you and your partner she has come to see you both as her life and although at her age she is begining to explore her own inderviduality she still does not understand that you are not an extention of her or that she is not an extention of you and some greife at the loss of a parent is inevidable and can not be avoided, however by reasuring her that this event will not change the way you or your partner feel about her will help her to make the transistion although at her age it will be very hard

I wish you all the best luck and hope you found my advice helpful

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Does anyone have any advice or know of any books that can help me prepare my daughter for an impending separation?

Re: Explaining separation to 3yr old

there are some great books called 'the annie stories' by doris brett, a psychologist, and they may be available from online bookshops or in a library. they are special kinds of stories written specifically to help young children learn to deal with not only divorce but other things like death, things that are are confronting and sometimes hard to understand for young kids. i would highly recommend them to help explain things to your child, and i have put a link here which explains more about the books. good luck

Re: Explaining separation to 3yr old

The proper care and feeding of husbands by Dr Laura
The Bible (Male husband/female wife Roles)/role model
Confucius stated "The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home"
"The family is the nucleus of civilization"-William J. Durrant.
Or "Ruin families and you ruin all"-Rev Cotton Mather
The bible does not say for female to love her man first, but HE must love her FIRST, then in return she supports by appreciating, accepting, honoring and respecting him and his great love and reverence for her. Men are simple, women are complex. And used rightly and correctly, the family can acheive great success, joy, and prosperity!
ANYWAY...mabey you could work it out, Or have a great next relationship with the right knowledge?