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Poor you! I can imagine how you must feel. I agree you should check out any medical cause but if there is no medical cause, it sounds like he feels a bit out of control. I would forget about the punishments / naughty corner for a bit and try consistently ignoring -just say symapthetically "I will talk to you when you are calm" and pick up a book or go out of the room. The alternative is to put him in his room, hold the door shut and reassure him that you are there, without entering into conversation. After he gets out his rage he will probably get upset. Then you can comfort him. I know in practice this will be extremely difficult but I have seen it work. It has to be consistent, though, over a long period - don't ignore for a bit and then get cross. Also, don't give him choices - he's very young and needs to feel you are in control, try to say yes when he asks for something if you can (this doesn't mean giving him everything he wants, but if he wants to go to the park / play a game say "Yes, good idea" even if it would be easier for you to do something else) and really make sure he's getting enough exercise (swimming exhausts them), good food and sleep. My four-year old is very easy going but if he is tired or hungry (or worse, both) he turns into something out of a horror film, swearing, storming out, slamming doors and being aggressive.
Don't feel you're failing him. Parenting is extremely difficult and you care enough to look for help because you want to do the best for him. That's all any of us can do. All the best.