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Help wanting with our 12 year olds dog fetish (genuine post please do help if you can)

Hi, two very worried parents here

First off please dont think that I am been rude of perverted, I have a genuine problem that I am to embarassed to seek face to face help with.

It involves my 12 year old daughter and our pet dog.

I am not sure how long she has been doing this, but 3 weeks ago I went in her room to hang up close and found her on her bed with her legs apart and our pet was licking her private area.

She stoped it at once when she seen me and she got very smacked and told off for it, but a few days ago my wife found her doing the same thing.

I am not really sure what I want to ask, I am very embarassed to even be posting this but I need to know how to approch her about it, smacking hasnt worked and neither had grounding her taking her games and computer off her but still she has kept doing it, we are on the verge of taking our pet to a dog rescue shelter just to make it stop

Urrm I dont know what it is really that i want to ask but please if anyone has heard of knows anything about this kind off thing please answer, I dont want to get rid of my dog but if my daughter continues this I am going to have to any onformation even if it is just a website where i can get her help will be very much appreaciated

If you have thoughts on why she is doing this or if a MD or some one like that reads this then I would very much appreciate any advice and any help that people might be able to give me

Please this is not a subject i find easy to talk about i feel sick just typing it but i amto ashamed to look someone in the face and tell them my problem with my daughter

Help Grately Recieved
Jason + Dawn

Re: Help wanting with our 12 year olds dog fetish (genuine post please do help if you can)

I can understand how awkward this situation is for you, and your family. I'm no expert but can at least share my opinions.

Teenage boys are known to ********** frequently but a lot of people can't perceive that girls have the same "natural" desire to do so as well. Maybe it's because our generation was brought up to feel that women aren't as sexual as men, but who knows. In some ways, I feel she is "normal" in finding ways to pleasure herself and maybe even "using" the dog to relieve herself of the guilt of pleasuring herself by her own hands. Something else you said concerns me and made me think. You said that "smacking" her didn't help. It's not up to me to judge whether it is appropriate to hit, spank, smack, etc. Doctors are noting that it is very unhealthy mentally. It is ultimately up to the parents to decide whether it is right or wrong. Now, believe it or not, I know a grown woman who admitted to me that she has an "animal fetish". She told me that she is involved with a group of people who participate in sex with animals, both men and women. The thing that most of the sexual receivers shared was wanting to be dominated or humiliated and some felt that their bodies were not good enough for a human. Maybe she is experiencing this due to a reaction of being put down somehow and the humiliation she feels when she is smacked. (please don't be mad, I just want to help) If it were my daughter, I would ask a professional no matter how embarrassed I was. They have heard it all, believe me! At the same time, I would try to build up her confidence and hope that her sense of self and security will lead her to a "real" relationship. Does she date? If so, how are the guys she dates? There's usually a reason that people have extreme fetishes, most come down to insecurity

Re: Help wanting with our 12 year olds dog fetish (genuine post please do help if you can)

I can sympathise with your embarasment but your willingness to talk about this has spurred me to write this. At about the same age as your daughter I often did the same with my family pet. For me looking back I would have to say i did it because I didnt think myself worthy of human atention. I would have been mortified if i had been caught and think it may be worth talking to your daughter to see if there may be an underlying cause without berating her for her actions, knowing how much you diagree with it may mean it is now a cry for help. Punishment will only reinforce the feeling of self loathing. I eventually stopped when my self confidence and opinion of myself increased.