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One toy and all the kids want it!

Number one problem for me! HELP! 500 toys in a room, and the bubble gum wrapper thats been kicking around on the floor all day is suddenly what everyone wants, and whines about, and throws fits.
Neighbor kid comes over with a new...thingamajig, and everybody wants to play with it. Doesnt matter what it is, it could be a blank piece of paper. Redirecting and saying NO is obviouse! Give me better advice! I know the "TOY" is NOT the issue! What is the true bottom line issue here? Then, how do I deal with it?

Re: One toy and all the kids want it!

It's pretty typical really, kids always want what everyone else has got. I don't know why though. I tend to get the kids I look after to either share, or take it in turns. If this doesn't work, I distract them, or take the toy away. There's not really much else you can do.