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Help! My teen daughter is wild.

She is absolutely brilliant- she gets straight A's in an elite high school, is a top athlete, sought-after actress/singer, and interested in all forms of art.
Recently, I have noticed changes in her behavior that I fear endanger the formerly listed qualities.
Most troubling is her recent turn to atheism. She completely trusts science, and is convinced that religion has only caused pain.
She swears, is disrespectful and sarcastic to authority, and is the the perfect example of "punk" Currently, she has four piercings and purple hair- she is only 15! Of course, she did all of the former without my authorization.
All of her friends are boys, and she spends most of her time skating and surfing with them.
I have also been suspicious of drug/alcohol abuse, because she has been known to sneak out and party. I am also pretty sure she may have an eating disorder. In just three months she dropped from 115 lbs to 95 lbs, and she is 5"3. But her doctor said this is normal.
I'm just not sure what to do anymore- I am a single parent, and have tried all methods of discipling.

Re: Help! My teen daughter is wild.

She is just rebelling and I think you just have to ride it out. The more you react to it, the more she is going to try to shock you. At least her grades are not suffering.

Try ignoring it as much as possible as she is probably just trying to get a reaction, try to be supportive, respect her views even if you don't agree, and so long as she is not endangering herself or anyone else just ride it out. The tighter you try to control the more she is going to rebel. Arrgg teenagers, so frustrating

Re: Help! My teen daughter is wild.

here is an article on weight loss there are a ton that could probably help you out.

hope it helps.

Re: Help! My teen daughter is wild.

Pray for her. You can tell a tree by its fruit and Galatians 5:19 to be AWARE of how NOT to act.
Galatians 5:20 to practice habits of how to act.
Unless you are of a different reigion, then beats me.
With her, and all of us, it comes down to a spiritual battle. Thats somewhere in Ephesians.
Try the videos 123 Magic! For Win/Win cooperation method of "discipline" Im not sure if shes too old for it, but I doubt it. The tapes sound corney, but it WORKS!

"The Power of Positive Thinking" by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale would also be a great resource for you!!! All just suggestions though.

Re: Help! My teen daughter is wild.

well, i can relate - - my 14 year old daughter went thru the similar actions. She dyed her hair black and dressed like a gothic punk rocker. Lost weight and I was getting deathly afraid of what was going on - - i even worried about her threats of cutting herself.

I dealt with it by diverting her attention - - in our case, my daughter had an interest in horses and it just so happened that i was financially able to buy one. All of a sudden, she wanted her hair color corrected - - which i paid $200 to do for her - - she wanted to start wearing normal clothes (jeans, etc.) - - i supported it by slowly replacing her wardrobe. I was quiet about it - - just supported her change as much as financially possible without critisim.

I complimented her on the positive and shut up about anything i didn't approve of - - like the God awful music she still listens to. But I'm working on that!! (by talking instead of having the radio on in the car, for example)

But now I'm thinking that i've gone too far - - she's totally involved with the horse and her friends at the barn where we board the beast. She is rude to me and when i go to pick her up, she keeps me waiting for a terribly long time.

Just tonight, she refused to go home at the time i set for her. Now, i feel i need help - - her rudeness and disobedience is totally unacceptable.

Do you have any advice for me? I've tried sooooo hard to do the right thing - - but it's backfiring on me.