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She wants to be white

What do I say to my 4 year old daughter when she says that she wants to be white. Her friends at preschool are a mix of racial backgrounds. This is what I've been saying:
"You are beauiful just how you are. I love your color and you don't have to be white to play with your friends, they like you just the way you are. And I love you".
Is this enough to say to her and do you think it will sink in if I repeat it enough? What is going on in her little head. Signed Single Mother

Re: She wants to be white

Tricia I honestly don't know!! I think we should all be celebrated just the way we are. We all would like to change things about ourselves, for instance I would love to be taller. I would love olive skin instead of this easy burn pale stuff.

You could mention it to the teacher to see what is going on at preschool, if there is any racist behaviour happening it needs to be stamped on pronto. But I think you are doing the right thing by telling your daughter she is perfect the way she is. All we can do as parents is build up our child's self esteem. You sound like a great mum. Hugs to you

Re: Re: She wants to be white

My 6 year old daughter has said she doesn't like the colour of her skin. With gentle questions I'm confident that it's purely that, no race issues involved. I was concerned not to put an adult interpretation into her head and reinforced that she is beautiful. We have also had talks about how our looks change when we smile/frown and how people react to us when we are smiling or frowning. Hope that it is as easy to resolve for you.

Good luck.

Re: She wants to be white

Has your daughter every mentioned her skin color before, ( in the younger years?