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How do I modify the agressive behaviour of my 8 year old when he is with his peers

My 8 year old son is very bright. He has always been something of a handful, but positive parenting has helped us so that his behaviour at home or in public with us is now excellent most of the time and certainly manageable the rest of the time. The problem comes when he is in situations like school or kid's clubs where I am not present. There he is aggressive, even violent towards other children with what most of the time seems to be little provocation. We've tried talking to him, removing priviliges, trying to work out what has gone wrong, but each time he goes back into the situation he seems to lose his temper with no regard for the consequences. Help please with how I can make him stop and think

Re: How do I modify the agressive behaviour of my 8 year old when he is with his peers

I keep leaving this reply everywhere, forgive me.
Please try out the corney sounding videos called 123 Magic! I forgot who the guy is that is the speaker, because I borrowed the tapes from the school district. Tape one is for "start behavior" tape two is for "stop behavior" Once this win/win cooperation method is implemented at home, then it will carry over in his behavior when he is not at home. He obviously feels out of control and badly, about something, deep down. And it can be most likely remedied in a simple way. Please have faith and try it out.