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Boardgames : Love Them or Hate Them

Hi, my names Catalina and I'm a student from the Curtin University of Western Australia.
I'm currently involved in a project in which a board game aimed at young adults/adults is re-designed for 4 - 8 year olds and would love some community imput. Heres your chance to be designer for a day!

Anyone with their thoughts, advice, or opinions on any of the following topics would be very greatly appreciated:
- What do you find annoying about childrens board games, what needs improvement?
- What do you wish was on the market that isnt? What would you include that isnt included?
- Are there any games that your children have really enjoyed, are their any that have been a bit of a failure?
- What are your thoughts on entertainment vs. education?
- What games do you really enjoy playing and would like to be able to have a version where your children can join in/play on their own?

Thankyou so much, your imput is invaluable
- Catalina