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Graco Travel System

Hello all.
I currently have a consumer problem with the Graco Travel System and wondered if
any of you out there are experts in that field. I have a Graco Sterling Travel System purchased from Toys r Us in Lincoln. Whilst Darcie was in it the other day the reclining catch snapped and flung the back part of the seat backwards so she was in a flat position. I have contacted Graco who at first said they could replace the part but now say it is obsolete. I have contacted Toys R Us to let them know of the problem as I cannot use the pushchair any more a) she is too little for it to be in the flat position b) if i do have it in the reclined position only one side has the bracket to keep it upright so its dangerous cause she can once again be flung back into the flat position in a second. I am going into toys r us today. My parents bought the travel system in April 04 whilst i was pregnant, and of course its out of the 1 year guarantee. My argument is that although its over a year old i only started using the actual pushchair bit 6 months ago and before that used the car seat attachment to put her in. I also believe that a part on a pushchair should not snap with that amount of use and was obviously a danger to my daughter.I have read up on my statutory rights and they state that a product should be safe,durable and fit for the purpose that is designed. Surely breaking so quickly shouldnt happen?
I wondered if any of you had any advice for me on how
to handle toys r us and what to expect from them, and
whether any of you have had a similar problem? Advice
would be appreciated as I'm seeing the manager this
Michelle x

Re: Graco Travel System

I doubt you'll get much from toys R us - try mentioning Trading Stadards to them! They should recall faulty/dangerous goods (which this obviously is), whether the warrenty has run out or not. My friend's buggy collapsed whilst her two year old daughter was in it. The incident was followed by 5 hours in the A&E cos her two year old had been partially scalped. If Toys R Us don't sort it, tell trading standards and they will.