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Re: How do you keep a smart 10 yr old girl interested in school?

If she's truly as bright as you say she probably needs more academic challenge. Check out gifted learning programs in your area. Start by contacting the school guidance office at her school. Find out how to proceed and what critera she'd have to meet. Also many colleges and communities have classes for students with special interests that she could enroll in during the summer. And encourage her grandparents to set chores (I know its an old-fashioned word) for her that keep her busy and give her a sense of accomplishment when she finishes. I don't advocate paying children for helping with household responsibilities however for some its a great motivator. The situation with her parents is unfortunate but try to find a suitable role model that may have grown up under similar conditions. She needs to see the positive power of overcoming the odds and understand that her parents' failure and they are failures for sure, are not her fault.