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single mom question

I have a question. I have been divorced for almost 4 years. My x got remarried last year and my 6 year old seemed to adjust to the marriage ok. I have been dating someone for 3 years and he has 2 little boys ages 6 & 8. She loves the kids and gets along with their dad but of course loves her dad the most!! She is very close to me and is mostly with me. When I talk about marriage she says she doesn't want me to ever get married and has a fit about this. I ask her why she says this and her response is "I don't know" I ask her if she thinks I won't spend time with her etc.. and she says No. She said she is fine w/ her dad getting married. Do you think it's because she is w/ me a lot and thinks once I get married that is it or thinks something with her daddy? Does anyone else out there have a situation like this?

Re: single mom question

I have a question for more insight. Does your 6 year old know why adults get married or divorced?

Re: single mom question

Dr. Laura could give you advice. Blended families are always a tough dynamic for the kids, dont try to convince yourself otherwise. Keep your child priority, thats all she wants to be assured of.