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Re: kinetic learner

This is a great website promoting literacy. I have downloaded studydog for my kids and they just love it. It is such a high quality software for being free and does help with learning sight words, abcs et. You have to register but they don't pester you with spam or anything. Can highly recommend it.

Re: kinetic learner

When my daughter was about the same age we played a simple game at home to improve her recognition of high frequency words.
First you write one word each in big, bright letters on a piece of A4 paper,then scatter these, face up in front of the sofa, we usually used around eight or ten words in total. Then the adult calls out a word and the child has to jump onto the right word from the sofa. This proved to be lots of fun, even more so if the adult takes a turn at the jumping whilst the child calls out the words.
This could easily be adapted to single letters per sheet, or phonic blends or even numbers.
Now my daughter is six and still enjoys this game using more complex words.
Good luck and above all, have fun!

Re: kinetic learner

Mabey you could come up with a kind of home school/dance party/learn time...thing. Play some fun music and dance around with flash cards, having a great time! Sometimes when I see that look of boredom in my little boys eyes, because they are bored with what they where just doing, and now cant quite figure out what to do next...and are deciding to start fighting, just to kill time. I "trick-redirect" them by enthusiastically stating its "happy party circle time!" Where they run around in a circle (wearing themselves out) I call out spelling trivia for them to answer, or have them skip, hop, etc. Its a great entertainment filler in the day for me, for them. And they remember quite a bit of numbers, letters, and spelling from it!