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Re: right age for sleepover???

Joan and Drew,

Please note that this is just my opinion.

The younger the better for sleepovers with relatives. The it becomes a part of life and not so traumatic.

I'll assume that your family visits your parents regular and that your child has a good relationship with them. Have you tried an over night stay to see how he copes with being away from you both. If you have, maybe, try 2 nights. I know this sounds like a lot to drop onto your parents, but it's not only a good way to introduce you being away for a length of time, but is a great opportunity for your parents to spend some quality alone time with their grandchild. Also, if possible could the other grandparents help out also, this would keep him stimulated and prevent boredom setting in, and not wear out your parents. A week is a long time, but if you have time to do this over a perid of time, I think things will go smoothly.

Good Luck

Re: right age for sleepover???

Thank you for your insights, yes, we do visit and my child loves her grandparents, I am just nervous that a week is a long time to be away and not be able to come home since this is a business trip if she does get bored. Having multiple people care for her is a good idea.....thanks!

Re: Re: right age for sleepover???

You are welcome, and very lucky to have a suppotive network of people around you! I hope it all works out for you!

Re: right age for sleepover???

It sounds like you have the most ideal situation available for you! Loving grandparents, and not a stranger. Consistent, and more frequently occuring visits, especially right before the "big sleepover" is great emotional preperation for your child. I agree with the other reply, which recommended doing some mini sleepovers right before, to get the child used to it, and EASE YOUR NERVES! Because I believe this is much harder for you, than it will be for your child. Call your child here and there, like in the morning, or right before bedtime for him/her to hear your affirmative tone, during your trip mabey? I would have to refer to Nanny 911 archives to see if thats ok though.