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How to tell kids...

Hello people

I just started a new website. It's non-commercial, and I'm hoping it will be a useful resource for parents in the future.

The website's main point is...

“How To Tell Your Kids About Violence, Horror, Sex, and Almost Anything Else Imaginable

—In Words Your Child Can Understand, And Mother Would Approve”

It's at

Since it just started, it has only one question, which I think is one of the hardest to answer:

Where do babies come from?

I intend to update it with a question a week, and parents would be able to give their answers and submit questions as well.

Please do visit the website and do give me any suggestions that will make the site more valuable to you.

Thank you


Re: How to tell kids...

Neat idea, Eugene! I'll reference it often. Haven't had to answer that first question yet since my dh is just 3.75.

Re: How to tell kids...

I entered an answer - hope it helps. It's a bit long-winded - meant that entering it in a small box was a little difficult. I don't know what sort of answers you anticipate, maybe you could consider making the box larger?

Re: How to tell kids...

Woah!! That's a great answer. Just what I intended the website to be.

It's very freeform at the moment, without too many rules. The website is in it's infancy, so nothing too fancy at the moment.

Thank you for pointing the issue about the box being too small. I'll make it bigger.

Hoping more people would benefit from this website.



P.S. Do pass the word around about the website