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Re: Teenager jealous of new baby coming

I am sure she doesn't really mean those awful things. She is probably just afraid that you won't have time for her anymore. make sure to tell her you will love her as much as ever and the baby will never change that. I would get her as involved as possible with getting things ready for the new baby such as shopping, making meals for when you are in hospital, decorating the baby's room etc.

When the baby arrives keep her involved like in the bathing, walking with the baby, whatever. But make sure you still get to spend some one on one time together when the baby arrives so that your teenaged daughter still feels special. You could also buy your daughter a gift from the baby. I would also get some books about looking after babies for your daughter to read so she has more understanding of what having a baby in the house involves.

Good luck I am sure she will come around and love the new baby to pieces.

Re: Teenager jealous of new baby coming

sounds like she's just crying out for attention. If you could do a lot mommy/daughter outings -- doesn't have to be expensive - - rides, window shopping outingsm, etc........she'd see that she's not being put on the back burner. Sounds like she needs to be given more responsibility with helping out with the baby - - asking her if she'd be willing and able to perform 'paid' baby sitting responsibilities, for example, might give her a 'place' in the new family.