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is there anything wrong with my 7yr old

He can wake up one day well behaved,then the next he is hyperactive.He gets frustrated very quickly with things if he cannot do them.His moods change all the time from shouting one minute to laughing the next. When he is sat down he cannot sit still for long.I have a older boy and he was not like this .I wanted to know if this is normal behaviour for a 7yr old .

Re: is there anything wrong with my 7yr old

It could be temprament or it could be something medical or diet related. I would get him checked by a doctor as he may have ADD. Alternatively you could look at his diet, some additives send kids crazy. This is a great link for diet/additives related info if you are interested.

Re: Re: is there anything wrong with my 7yr old

we thought chocolate and cola made him behave like this but he can have these one day and be ok ,then other times be over active .He sometimes wakes up and is hyperactive straight away,without even eating or drinking anything.

Re: Re: Re: is there anything wrong with my 7yr old

I have a six year old who is the same way. We've actually started referring to his "time of the month". He will have a week out of four where he is just off the wall. Very hyper, wakes up that way, and little things set him off. He will then have a fairly even temperament (not an angel, but not acting crazy either) for several weeks.

We took him to be diagnosed when he was a little younger and he really didn't fit any category. The actions have to be consistent to warrant ADD or ADHD. We've found the older he gets, there seems to be more space between the hyper periods, but I sure would love to know what sets him off!

Re: Re: Re: Re: is there anything wrong with my 7yr old

His is every day ,only time he his quiet is if i sit with him or if he is doing something .But it does not last for long.