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child not wanting to go with father

Hi. I am just looking for advice from someone who is a single mom. I have sole-custody of my 8 year old boy and he only sees his father once a month or so (father's a flake). He was scheduled to go to his father today and when I went to drop him off he freaked out, yelled at me, hit me and said he hated me but his father even more and did not want to go to his dad's. He was very upset and continued on this tangent for awhile although I was adamant he go with his father. I felt I could not back down or else it would send a precident. I made him go with his father although he still was saying he hated me and I actually had to carry him to his dad's car. I just need some advice and see if anyone has had the same situation arise.


Re: child not wanting to go with father

I would question his father about how he acts when he is with him. Get his perspective. It could be a try on but if you have any concerns that his father is mistreating him, please get help straight away as your son may be afraid. It may also be that your son is not handling the separation very well, maybe counselling would be the way to go.

Good luck and I hope things work out well for you and your son.