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Re: Breaking the pacifier

Our son used the pacifier until he was nearly 2. We basically just weened it from him. We took it with us to daycare, but he was so busy, he didn't want it. Then we just kept it handy; if he really wanted it we would allow him to have it. He used it nearly every night in bed, but I guess it didn't bother us. Shortly after his 2nd b-day, he just stopped wanting it and now asks, "What's this mommy?" when he sees pictures of himself and he's 2.5 right now. I didn't like the idea of cutting the tips... but, we really weren't too worried about it. He found comfort in it and I didn't want to take it away. Maybe your child will just realize they don't want it someday, too! :)

Re: Breaking the pacifier

My son was sooooo attached to his pacifier that he was rarely without it - - even walking around a store. I wittled him down to only having one pacifier. When we moved, we had to stay in a hotel for a couple of nights. When we left the hotel, i got his mind off of it by involving him in packing the car - - when we got to the new house i frantically and apologetically told him that in the confusion 'we' (meaning him and me) forgot the pacifier back at the hotel. I put on such a show of how sorry i was, that he accepted it and it was never mentioned again.