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2yr old tantrums

My son is a terror. Not all the time, just when he wants something and can't have it. Time out is useless...He can get out of his room and we don't really have anywhere else suitable to put him when he has 'flipped out'. He is very strongwilled and hard to distract!! Any sugestions? I can ignore up to a point, but when he is at my feet screaming at me it is hard not to get upset. I need something that I can teach his father aswell to stop the rough handling.

Re: 2yr old tantrums

Victoria, your son is a totally normal 2yo as frustrating as it is. He is probably doing this when, tired, hungry or frustrated. When your son tantrums, you could try to distract him, ignore (no eye contact, talking to him and just keep doing what you are doing), or time out but never in the bedroom as then bed will become a place of punishment possibly leading to sleep problems. Keep calm, don't shout or smack. Do time out in a corner, or on a step tell him that he is to stay there just for a couple of minutes and put him back if leaves gently though. Tell him you don't like x behaviour and why most importantly come down to his level and use an authorative voice.

This book might help as well and I think your husband should read it "Discipline without shouting or spanking" by Jerry Wychoff, Ph.D. and Barbara C. Unell