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Re: Re: HELP!!! Need new ideas

Thank you very much I will give it a try!

Re: HELP!!! Need new ideas

hi there, we had the same problem with our son. the way we did it was : make a new bedtime routine, bath, a cuddle on the sofa for 15 minutes, a story in bed,then leave.everytime she says she wants something,say no, its took us about 3 weeks to break our son from 4 years of falling asleep on the sofa to going to bed in his own bed on his own,there was alot of crying and shouting but it was well worth the hard work,just stick to your guns.
i wish you luck. best wishes x

Re: Re: HELP!!! Need new ideas

Well, I read the other posts and I don't get the part about having to 'break' your child of anything! It's combined energy of the two or three of you that set up this cycle. The good news about that is that you can change your energy. I would suggest not doing anything for the next couple days. First, just start writing lists of what you love about this little one. Write about all the fun that you have had at bed time with your little one. I know it may seem to skip the problem - but in reality you can't make anyone do anything without squelching who they are. I know as a mother you wouldn't want to do that - you just want the routine to work better. Threats and taking things away do not work either. You have to get to a point of inspiration because if they are not inspired from the inside - and only motivated from the outside - the want goes away as soon as the outside motivation does and then they realize that they only did it to make you happy.

So, what can you do? Well, after you do your writing, start having conversations with your little one about bedtime and what would be a perfect bedtime for he/she in their eyes. Talk about ways you can both get what you want. Like others have said, start a routine. Your little one may just want you to be there when they go to sleep - and if you can line up with that, then why not??? We are trying to teach our kids such independance at such an early age there is no wonder why they act grown up by the time they are 10....

Maybe go and let them pick out a night time book from the store and buy it. Whatever it is, get their buy in because forcing them or 'breaking' them as someone said only damages your little one.

Re: Re: Re: HELP!!! Need new ideas

This is a very good Idea... i never even thought about it..... Thank you very much

Re: Re: HELP!!! Need new ideas

Thank you I will try this also!