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My 5 yr old whines constantly

My 5 yr old whines constantly I see that he whines sometimes like 3 times a week but my boyfriend seems to think he whines all the time and he can't listen to him whine NOT ONE MORE TIME. I have tried to do good behavior rewards for the last few weeks like going in the pool or the park on his good days. I see a improvement in the last two weeks but it seems as if my boyfriend thinks that there hasn't been any progress. What do I say to my boyfriend when my son whines so that he doesn't get angry about it? My boyfriend has asked me to marry him but he can't deal with my sons whining and is considering calling it off. My boyfriend has two kids, his son and daughter constantly beg over and over until they get what they want and my boyfriend will give in that drives me crazy but if I say don't give in when they beg he replies with your son whines all the time and my kids are good kids (not that my son is bad he whines)and that is what drives me crazy. I need some advice.
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Re: My 5 yr old whines constantly

Be sure you do not reward a whiner. EVER. Put them in another room by themselves until they stop. Be sure the 1st time you catch them not whining you reward them and tell them why you are rewarding them. Be consistant. Yours may be a whiner now, but your boyfriends will be spoiled and demanding always. He is also in a whiney age. Don't answer him if he whines, and tell him why your not. If it gets too much, seperate him. Tell boyfriend, this is your CHILD and if his whining is making him wonder if you two should marry, Maybe you should do some wondering yourself.

Re: Re: My 5 yr old whines constantly

Thank you for you advice. I have been consistant with the whinning and so far I think it is getting better. He started school so I'm hoping that him being around other kids will help him learn how to act and express his feelings in good ways.