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2.5 year old and "hate it/you"

Our 2.5 year old has recently picked up the word "hate." He also seems to use it in correct context. I will ask him to come sit at the table for dinner, and he'll put on a terrible face and say, "I hate Mommy." Anyhoo... We have tried timeouts after I explain to him the word is unacceptable, we have threatened to give our dog away when he says he hates him. Now he'll say the word and ASK for a time out or tell me to give Louie (the dog) away. My mom used to put dish soap in our mouths... I'm nearing this position... I don't want to put him into bed for a punishment because he enjoys going to bed and I don't want to spoil this. I teach kids with learning disabilities, so I understand the "catch them being good," "ignoring," and "redirect" mentalities, but this one has me wondering. Any help?

Re: 2.5 year old and "hate it/you"

Have you tried checking out the advice on I recently read about someone who had a very similar problem to yours and with the advice and tips she received she solved the problem in a matter of days. If you really don't want to resort to the tactics your mother used you should really give take a look at this. I used it all the time for any problems that I might have with my 2 year old and I have to say I have received some really good advice and would definitely recommend it to anyone. Let me know how you get on.

Re: 2.5 year old and "hate it/you"

Hi, Have you tried ignoring it. When he realises he doesn't get a reaction he may stop doing it. That worked with my son when he picked up the word **** It! He said it over and over cos he knew it upsset me. As soon as I just ignored him he soon got bored.

Re: 2.5 year old and "hate it/you"

My children told me very few times that they hated me. My response was a very sad face, and to tell them I'm sorry they felt that way, because I LOVED them very, very much. I could and would never hate them. It seemed to do it.