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Advice needed - 4 year old wont sleep in her own room

For the past several months, our daughter doesn't want to sleep in her room. We have a bedtime routine with stories and music. When asked why she doesn't want to sleep in her room, she replies, "because I want to sleep in the hall". or... "I want to sleep with you." (Sleeping with us is allowed during vacations when we sleep in a hotel or when hubby is gone for business and it's just mommy and daughter night.)

We've tried....
We put a nightlight in there (she didn't like it). Closed her door all the way (she would come out and just stand in the hallway).
Rewarded her with sleeping in her room all night with something special the next day (usually praise, huggles, and snuggling with us the next morning).
We even spanked for a short time (she just got more attention, which is what she wanted).
We've finally resorted (and we both hate this) to putting a hook and eye lock on the outside of the door. We unhook it after she's asleep (when the crying has stopped) so if she needs us during the night she's able to get us.

We have a small house and my husband and I would like to have some time to ourselves in the evening after she is in bed. Any suggestions?

Re: Advice needed - 4 year old wont sleep in her own room

this is odd, i had the same problem - - how i taught her to sleep in her own room - - i started sleeping with her in her room and slowly but surely reducing the amount of time i slept with her (by slipping out of the bed before she woke up in the morning - - earlier and earlier) until she went to bed with a quick routine........i also figured out that my bedtime routine was too much - - she learned to crave the attention and the tucking in process just got longer and longer. So i cut out the stories and music.