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I have two kids. The first one is a boy and 10 years old, and the second one is an 8 year old girl. My kids love each other but they are fighting consttantly every where. When I mean every where it could be in the store , at a friends house, at a restaurant or any where over toys or bookss---etc.My son always trys to give up in the fight to discourage her from fighting or gives up everything after a while. She is firm, stubborn and always the first one to start the fight and will scream and cry until she gets what she wants.This is driving me crazy .I do not let her get what she wants but it never seems to help. What can I do to help them stop this behaviour and get my peace back? By the way it is becoming out of control and I am almost close to lose my mind

Re: Stuborness

i know the feeling i have 2 girls 5 and 9 and to be honest the tantrums and stubborness from you d is normal in a way my advice would be to tell your s to ignore her and keep ignorig her boredom will make her stop, as for public places, when she gets bad look at her and whisper "everyone is watching you and they think you look really silly" it will or should make her stop and think ive done it and it works.

vicky x

Re: Stuborness

This great book might help 'Siblings without Rivalry' by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish. Hope it works and good luck