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11yr old poopie pants

i have an 11yr old stepson and he poops his pants on a average of twice a month. why? it discusts me.

Re: 11yr old poopie pants

Have you taken him to a doctor? I think that you need to rule out there is not an underlying medical problem. I know it is not pleasant but try not to get mad at him or show him you are disgusted as this will make things worse and harm his self esteem. He is probably very embarassed. I hope you can get this sorted out soon.

Re: Re: 11yr old poopie pants is a charity that deals with both soling and daytime/nightime wetting. It might be worth a look. Is he constipated? That can cause problems with soiling.

Re: Re: Re: 11yr old poopie pants

sometimes reasons for this is insecurities.