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Re: Re: my kids are driving me into the ground

Pollyanna, I can't believe you are serious, carrying around a humiliating sign is just dreadful advice. Don't do this. It will probably make your dd more rebellious not less. I would be furious if my mother did this to me.

I think getting to the root cause of this behaviour is the way to go, here is a link that could help

I would also talk to the police, they might offer to show your dd what happens to people caught stealing like finger printing, mug shots etc. This type of educative process might scare her enough to stop.

The sleep issue is tricky no magic solution from me. I would suggest that if she gets up just put her in time out in a boring place until she gets the idea that every time she gets up she is going straight into time out which is even more dull than bed. This might work, worth a try.

Re: Re: Re: my kids are driving me into the ground

thanks for your advice it was helpful however things seem to have settled now i think it was because i lost it big time and my kids had never seen me so angry, one week tonight anr they have stayed in bed yipee lets hope it lasts.