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my 8 year old son

my husband and i are unsure where to go with my sons behaviour, he is very angry, doesnt like to conform, hates school environment had many discussions with his teachers, we move around due to my husbands job and he will be at his 5th school in sept which i feel guilty about but doesnt excuse the way he is we would like advice about where to go within out local authority has anybody needed to go down this route? We realise our mistakes mainly not been firm enough, but still keep many rules inforce bedtimes, mealtimes. homework, tidying, but it is all a battle is that normal. I still worry when we go anywhere how he will behave, which he generally takes advantage of the situation and is loud and rude, we need to know if its ouir parenting skills or he needs outside help hope sombody can advise thanks

Re: my 8 year old son

It might be all the disruption with the schooling your son is reacting too. It is not easy being the new kid all the time, I know I hated changing schools. It is especially hard if you are a sensitive reserved person. Fitting in, making friends can be hard.

However he needs to learn that being rude to you is not acceptable. Each time he is rude, do time out in a boring room in the house such as the laundry or spare room. No books, toys, tv or anything during this time. Leave him for 8mins and then he is to say sorry for the behaviour. Be consistent, calm, no smacking but don't tolerate it. One warning then time out but explain why the behaviour is unacceptable.

With respect to his education, have you considered home schooling? I know it is not for everyone but it might give him more continuity and there are networks for socialisation and you can also do other social stuff like sport, Karate etc Also have you looked at alternative schools like Steiner or Montessori, their approaches may suit your son better as they aren't as rigid as conventional schools and it is child led learning. Anyway just a thought. Hope things get better.