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Re: Terrified of Childbirth

You know, if i can get through Labour then you can!I have a very low pain threshold but when i went into labour with my son i coped fine. I was paranoid about how i would cope but you just do (and my son was 9lb 13oz). I only had Gas and Air, and that seems to take you somewhere else in your mind. When i thought about how painful it was, it all seemed worth it once you hold that baby. A few of my friends are expecting babies and a couple have already elected for caesarians.When you decide to have a baby you have 9 months to plan and prepare for the birth so just enjoy being pregnant and be calm.

Re: Re: Terrified of Childbirth

There is a good book called Childbirth without Fear by Grantley Dick Read, it is a pretty old book but I think it has been updated a few times.

Also you could hire a Doula. A doula can be a great support person and advocate for you. A doula will understand the hospital system, your rights and speak up for you and should not let anyway push you around. A doula will work with and support your other support people and not just take over. Anyway I would look into it and good luck with your birth.

Re: Re: Re: Terrified of Childbirth

a friend of mine sponsered her labour when she was pregnant. Each pain she went through in labour she said to herself that pain was for mum who sponsered me £5 etc and she gave all the money to the maternity ward! sounds strange but she said it got her through it! i had two babies with natural births and even though it hurt the second that baby is in your arms it is instantly forgotten. otherwise nobody would have another! good luck

Re: Terrified of Childbirth


Epidural! Is all I can say really it is a wonderful drug and you can't feel a thing! I had an extremly difficult labour with my son who was only 6lbs 11 the only way I got through it was by having several epidurals. I vowed never to go through it again but he is so wonderful and worth every moment of pain that I am desperately trying to have a brother or sister for him.

We are women at the end of the day we are made for having babies and will move the earth for our children.

Go for it!

Re: Terrified of Childbirth

talk to your doctor.........there's a blue moon list of options out there - - lamaze breathing classes, etc. having a baby is a beautiful thing - - i've had 5 and ALL of them were different - - my third child came so fast that i almost had her on the way to the hospital (not much pain at all) - - but on the other hand, my 4th child caused me to ask for mass quanitities of drugs.......(they

Re: Terrified of Childbirth

I had a baby a week or so before my 40th birthday 11 years ago, which was a forceps birth - I think at my age I was too tired to push.
I found the pain relief given (morphine, I think I had) very effective. Also go to any classes beforehand because I also found the breathing exercises help. There are also epidurals. I had a local anaesthetic when it was decided I had to have a forceps delivery and I think mentally managed to take myself out of it. You could also try hypnosis which I think can be effective.
Know something though, I was fully dilated before I had any pain relief and it was not so terribly bad. You could feel the same.... all the best with it.