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My I year old daughter hits herself

I am very puzzled, my one year old daughter hits herself when she gets frustrated or when we talk to her in any other tone of voice besides a happy one. At first I thought it was a phase, but know her hits are getting harder and she has started banging her head against the floor or our coffee table. I have tried grabbing her hands, but as soon as I let go she starts again. I don't wan't to give in everytime she doesn't get her way, but I don't like to see her hurt herself. If anyone has any suggestions I could really use them.

Re: My I year old daughter hits herself

My dd did this and she is 2 now and this kind of behaviour has lessened. It is a mix of frustration and attention seeking. Best just walk away and ignore it when it happens. Don't look at her or react in any way. She is trying to get a reaction. Usually they stop before they hurt themselves too much. Hate to say it but it is a phase they all have their quirky ways

Re: Re: My I year old daughter hits herself

our daughter did the same thing for about 6months. We just ignored and continued our conversation or left the room. No reaction is they key i think. Unfortunatley if we had relatives present they would often react and encourage the behaviour. Our daughter then stoppped doing this and all is well.

My I year old daughter hits herself

Thanks for the help. I am trying to ignore it the best I can,it's hard though especially when she does things like hit her face on her stroller so hard her mouth starts to bleed. It's nice to know I'm not alone.