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Can't sleep


Well, it never fails the night I fall fast asleep, pretty soon my 4 year old daughter will come and wake me up. Tonight she couldn't find her water cup and wondered if I could help her, then 20 minutes later just as I am about to fall back asleep she comes in complaining of her leg hurting, which very well could be growing pains. Now here I sit an hour and half later wide awake! I get really frustrated being woken up....I try not to say anything to her and just get her back to bed but the problem is now I'm awake. Any suggestions or ideas??

The other problem is I start to think about things, very strange things, I'll admit but it gets my mind wondering. I started thinking about how I bought my 12 year old a bunch of clothes this summer and I even let her pick out her clothes and she has not worn any....she wears the same pair of jeans and t-shirt. She might vary the shirt slightly....I know it's totally the age but it really bugs me when I see her dressed sloppy to know there are perfectly good clothes in her drawer!! I even told her if you're not going to wear something just give it to me and we'll go exchange it for something you do like. I am a school teacher and can think of a student that could really benefit from some new clothes. I thought of having my daughter bag some clothes up and I'll take them to this student. I even thought with the new school year, I would let my daughter use her own money for anything extra. I'll get the supplies, new shoes, socks, and underwear. Any suggestions?

My mind is too busy now to fall I'll go find something to do until I get tired.....thanks for reading and any advice would be appreciated!